An Interview with Representative TJ Cox

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Rep. TJ Cox participated in an interview with Gloria Dittus, Chairman of Story Partners.

During the interview, Rep. Cox shared his thoughts on some of the priorities that we can expect to see Congress act on in the coming weeks and months. The Congressman also shared some insight into his own priorities in Congress this year.

Representing the 21st district of California, Rep. Cox was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in November 2018. Rep. Cox serves on the House Agriculture Committee and the House Natural Resources Committee.

Now that the wall and shutdown are behind us, what can the American people expect from Congress?

The American people sent us to Congress so that we could work together – both Republicans and Democrats – to advance an agenda that helps working families. I am hopeful that this Congress, the youngest and most diverse in history, will find common ground on the kitchen table issues that matter most.

What priorities would like to see Members come together on this Congress?

There are a number of areas where I believe that we can come together and work in a bipartisan way. Immigration reform is a key concern in my district, and I know that both parties can find common ground to secure our borders with 21st century tools and ensure a path to citizenship for our DREAMers.

What are your top legislative priorities this year?

From day one, my priorities have been ensuring access to clean drinking water for our communities, lowering healthcare costs and prescription drug prices that are devastating our seniors, achieving comprehensive and responsible immigration reform, fighting for California farmers and ranchers, and getting money out of our politics.

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