Winning the fight for lives and livelihoods

The medical imaging technology industry was already under tremendous economic pressure when some members of Congress proposed a $30 billion medical device tax. More than financial survival was at stake. Millions of patient lives and thousands of professional livelihoods depended on keeping medical imaging technology affordable and accessible. By refocusing the Advanced Medical Technology Association’s Life Changing Innovation campaign, Story Partners connected innovators, employees, physicians and patients at the heart of medical technology to the broader advocacy arena. The United for Innovation campaign enables policymakers and other key influencers to see firsthand the value and importance of medical imaging technology in advancing patient care. In just the first six months, the campaign had 1,400 new LCI members. And in late 2015, Congress suspended implementation of the medical device tax for two years—a real victory for the industry and patients. The campaign continues to grow and build a collective voice and shared commitment for protecting the industry’s future.

Strategies Deployed

  • Employee engagement
  • Grassroots education and outreach
  • Social media management
  • Content creation
  • Advertising
  • Issue advocacy
  • Campaign website


iDEA Growth

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