Engaging millions of voters to impact energy policy

A decade ago, most Americans had little understanding or awareness of the positive potential that could be tapped through greater domestic energy production. Today, most people know that energy means jobs, a stronger economy and national energy security, thanks in large part to APIs Vote for Energy campaign. Story Partners enjoys working with API on this high profile digital and social media effort to educate supporters through a continuum of messages and activities that enables them to make better energy choices. Much of the engagement occurs via an interactive campaign website with multi-media content that informs, organizes and mobilizes. So far, the campaign has run through two election cycles and continues to influence opinions on energy, and hence, national energy policy today.

Strategies Deployed

  • Digital strategy
  • Social media management
  • Digital advertising
  • Content creation
  • Campaign website
  • Event Management

Visit the website here.

View the polling site here.



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