Tempering misinformation with a voice of reason

Our food supply is one of those hot button topics that can swiftly create consumer fear and doubt. For the last several years, Story Partners has been pushing back against inflammatory misinformation with a thought leadership campaign on the critical role of veterinary medicines in protecting the safety of the livestock foods we eat. Working with third party experts from across the regulatory, policy and consumer health communities, we’ve helped the Animal Health Institute tame unfounded consumer fears and maintain confidence that vets who work with livestock support and comply with strict government protocols. Of course, new regulatory developments, such as FDA Guidance 213, refocus attention and concerns, but with a network in place of media trained and respected third party experts, ongoing relationships with consumer-facing media and an implementation plan at the ready, AHI is prepared in advance for whatever comes next.

Strategies Deployed

  • Issue advocacy
  • Third party engagement
  • Digital strategy
  • Social media management
  • Content creation
  • Event management


Master Limited Partnerships Association

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