Our Innovation Commitment: Sustainable Solutions for a Growing World

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Since Lindsay Corporation was founded in 1955, our mission has been to use technology to optimize scarce resources. Our founder, Paul Zimmerer, launched the first Zimmatic pivot irrigation system 50 years ago to help growers increase crop yields while conserving water and reducing energy requirements.

Today, Lindsay continues to be at the forefront of research and innovation, developing products that give farmers greater control over their inputs and operation, right down to managing an individual sprinkler to apply water where it is most needed in specific areas of a field, and to conserve water in other areas where it’s not. Our products allow farmers to analyze what is happening to a crop throughout the year, so they can make well-informed irrigation decisions for each field.

With the world population expected to hit close to 10 billion by 2050, the need for increased food production while being good stewards of the environment remains a pressing problem. Keeping agricultural land productive through research and technological advances will be a critical part of the solution. We are committed to helping provide sustainable solutions to these critical food, fiber and energy challenges ahead. We will continue to invest in innovative approaches and tools to bring new technology to the market and to provide our farmers with a competitive edge.

By Tim Hassinger, President and CEO, Lindsay Corporation

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