It takes everything to win. We bring it.

As a full service Public Affairs agency, Story Partners has the deep expertise and wide range of traditional and social media skills to meet your challenge and drive to victory. Known for our winning strategies, creativity and zealous determination to win—we offer clients exceptional strength in seven service areas critical to Public Affairs campaign success.

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Reputation Management

No asset is more valuable—and in this digital age—more challenging to manage than reputation. Story Partners helps you engage consistently, authentically and transparently with stakeholders, earning credibility and building trust. We align messages and media to advantageously position organizations and their executives, shape opinions, gain allies and increase reputational value for your brand or issue.

Services List

  • Reputation assessment and monitoring
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Message development
  • Brand communications
  • Advertising

Issue Advocacy

We’ve not only walked the halls of legislative power, we’ve worked in them for years. So we know how to build support among constituencies that matter and leverage the ebb and flow of the legislative and regulatory processes into a win for your issue.

Services List

  • Grassroots outreach and mobilization
  • Coalition building and management
  • Community engagement
  • Issue advertising
  • Grassroots training

Thought Leadership

What you say, where and how you say it all contribute to creating a bigger voice and stronger support for your organization or issue. From the one-on-one dialogue created at our renowned salon dinners to a conversation with millions via social media, we help clients to not only be heard, but admired, trusted and followed.

Services List

  • Executive positioning
  • Salon dinners
  • Media strategy and outreach
  • Influencer engagement
  • Digital and social media engagement

Media Prowess

There is no substitute for the quality of the relationships we have built over decades with members of the media. This is why we are able to generate ongoing media coverage for clients. We create the interest, relevance and timeliness that make your issue compelling. And we know precisely which outlets and channels will best serve your strategic goal.

Services List

  • Media outreach
  • Social media engagement
  • Messaging and content creation
  • Editorial outreach, op-ed writing and placement
  • Media training

Digital Communications

We are adept at leveraging digital and social channels to drive conversations, shape policy issues and generate online supporters. We also help clients mitigate online threats that can damage a brand or set an issue back.

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Services List

  • Digital strategy
  • Social media management
  • Online advertising and SEO
  • Content creation, graphics and visualization
  • Website and video production

Crisis Prevention and Mitigation

When a crisis looms, it pays to have Story Partners in your corner. We are veterans at assessing and responding to unpredictable and fast-changing situations. We stop escalation, quickly mitigate damage and begin rebuilding and repositioning immediately. Better still, we can help you identify vulnerabilities before a crisis occurs and develop prevention/preparedness plans.

Services List

  • Crisis communications planning
  • Media training
  • Rapid response media relations and war room
  • Social media management
  • Ally development


At Story Partners, solid strategy goes hand-in-hand with compelling creative. We craft creative that gets to the heart of your message, and brings your brand story to life. Our creative informs, educates and inspires people to act.

Services List

  • Digital advertising
  • Social content
  • Brand identity
  • Digital design
  • Event and marketing collateral
  • Infographics
  • Website development
  • Video production