The Back Story: Leveraging State and Local Government for Public Affairs Success

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As we inch towards November, it’s easy to get caught up in news from the nation’s capital—especially as headlines swirl about impending red or blue wave congressional election predictions. However, as the country focuses its attention on what’s happening in the nation’s capital, we lose sight of what’s going on in our state capitals. And when it comes to public affairs strategy, that can be a detrimental oversight.

That’s why I was so excited to focus on the states in our most recent Washington DC 100 edition. Because as gridlock and discord abound in the federal government, states are getting things done by mobilizing grassroots activity and spurring innovation.

At Story Partners, we’re approaching our client work with this in mind. Trust in state legislators is at an all-time high. In fact, 71% of voters believe their state governments are doing a better job serving their citizens than the federal government. As we approach campaign strategy for policy initiatives, we must look to members of state and local government to help us champion our causes.   ᐧ

– Rebecca Moore, Editor, Washington DC 100 

News and Insights

An Interview with Rep. Karen Bass, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, in honor of Black History Month

Gloria Dittus, Chairman of Story Partners, conducted an interview with Rep. Karen Bass, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and representative from California’s 37th Congressional District, in honor of Black History Month.

Inside Story

How has President Trump’s attacks on media impacted consumer trust in mainstream news?

By Gloria Dittus, Chairman, Story Partners President Trump’s continued attacks on media have recently driven many news organizations to take action to protect their reputation. But how have these attacks influenced consumers’ trust and perception of mainstream news? And should companies and brands adjust their earned media strategies accordingly? Two new polls conducted by Gallup and Knight Foundation found that Americans believe news from various types of mediums (e.g., newspapers, TV, radio) is not only…